It’s time to engage your employees the same way you engage your customers

As companies grow, some aspects of corporate culture do not scale easily. Employee experience is the most striking one, and we've seen that enterprises that invest in employee experience seem to perform better than those that don't.


The pandemic has splintered the nature of work, and as we move past it, we see more and more enterprises choosing a hybrid of WFH, flexitime, and in-office.

Texperia helps enterprises deliver, standardise, and enhance employee experience by providing meaningful, positive touchpoints at each stage of the employee life cycle, by using technology to make every employee feel included, involved, and appreciated.

The technology includes components like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Immersive Web, Facial Tracking, Facial Recognition, Skeletal Tracking, Gesture Recognition, Motion Tracking, Real Time Video Processing, and Emotional Analysis to create warm, unique, and effective experiences that reduce your time and effort while dramatically improving the impact.

Texperia is the result of our decades of collective experience in creating memorable moments across film, applications and immersive content. We’ve worked with brands, agencies and enterprises across 9 countries, and with over 900+ projects under our belt, we’ve turned our attention to HR and team managers to help them significantly enhance EX.


Our mission is to deliver kick-ass results by leveraging craft and technology. Texperia enables every size and type of enterprise to design and deliver their culturally unique employee experience –
quickly and impactfully.