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As an HR professional, you know the importance of communication at every step of the employee journey - whether early on, when it helps communicate corporate culture, tonality, and values, or even for longtime employees, where it helps reinforce brand values, ensure a high degree of consistency, and engage more meaningfully.


  • AR-Enabled Communication

  • DIY Interactive Tools

  • For Employees & Candidates

communicate communicate


As remote working extends from 5% of the global workforce to over 50%, HR departments have been quick to realise that hybrid workplaces are here to stay. However, a hybrid workplace needs an unprecedented level of innovation and novelty to keep employees engaged.

As we like to describe it, Texperia is the HR-From-Anywhere platform for the Work-From-Anywhere world.


  • Recruiter Videos

  • Create your own Experiential Events

  • Games, Experiences & Feedback

  • Individual and Team activities

  • Interactive Polls and Analysis Tools

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Texperia analyses your Employee Experience and recommends improvements. Struggling to make critical company processes interesting and relevant to employees?

Improve and enhance all aspects of the employee experience, and make mundane processes more engaging, exciting, and on-brand. Get a complete analysis of your Employee Experience score, along with implementable improvements.


  • Analyse Employee Behaviour

  • Measure Employee Experience

  • Tools to Improve Employee Experience Scores

Who is

texperia for?

HR - The Owner of Employee Experience

Texperia was created to empower and enable HR. Since they ‘own’ the problem of employee experience (EX), as well as corporate culture and employee engagement, it allows them to enrich EX quickly and impactfully.

An Agency with an Employee Engagement focus

Create events and experiences for your clients and their employees. Choose from a wide range of tech and employee journey based experiences.

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EXcellent reasons you can't afford to ignore EX

Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their less engaged counterparts.


Companies that invest in EX outperform the ones that don’t by 2x in terms of average profit.

Harvard Business Review

Companies with “great employee experience” have higher levels of customer satisfaction. Employees were found to be more innovative and proactive, which translated into better products and service.

MIT Sloan Center